January 16, 2017 – Ground your sensitivity

Everyone who is highly sensitive knows that it is a double edged sword. It can be extremely painful and confusing but also an extraordinary tool.

To be psychic, intuitive or a visionary – to see and perceive that which not everybody does and that cannot be seen or touched in the normal sense – can open the doors to fears and doubts, especially if we have been questioned or did not get the acknowledgment we needed when we were small that our abilities were all right.

The message this week is to accept and embrace your sensitivity no matter how it expresses itself, to be aware and regard it as the ally it is, even if it has been – and still sometimes still is – difficult to deal with.

You are called to ground yourself in practical reality and your physical form – wash up the dishes, bake bread, walk bare feet, whatever comes to and works for you – be present while you do.

Although there might be other things you would benefit from as well, it will definitely help you balancing and managing your sensitivity, clearing the way for it to be the gift it was always meant to be.

And you can affirm: I am a spiritual being, centered & grounded!


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