January 2017

Lady Casha’s Monthly Tarot answers the question what you need to know about the upcoming month. If you find your way here it applies to you, but remember that we are dealing with energies that can express themselves differently individually.



This Page shows up when there’s something new sailing up on the horizon – something new is about to be born in your life. In this case it could be something as simple as the new year, but often times it has to do with something creative seeing the light of day. It could be a pregnancy or birth of a child, but just as well an idea – a book, a song, a painting or something of that sorts. It can also be a business that expands or finances that takes an upswing.

If you are bored and feel that your work life leaves much to be desired and if you are thinking about whether or not you should stay or go, Page of Cups signals that things are about to pick up and get more satisfying especially on an emotional level.

You could also be getting a message that will be moving you forward with your career somehow and provide you with answers that you need.

Anyone worrying about their financial situation will be able to get some relief. To worry is never a good idea even if it’s common and one of the biggest blocks to prosperity and abundance, but at least for now it looks like there will be some kind of additional means coming in that will put an end to any worry for now.


When it comes to love there could potentially be a new relationship in the making for anyone that is ready. There can also be a positive message you have been anticipating coming to you having to do with a previous or existing relationship and which will give you a sense that “everything is possible”.

Anyone already in a relationship will most likely experience a fine development and see it moving towards becoming more established.

Whatever is going on: cultivate inner stillness and your sense of connection with your source, your soul. There is a possibility of having medial experiences but a feeling of oneness is really all that is needed.



The World is the last card of the Major Arcane that in its entirety describes the souls journey to maturity and realization of its full potential so here we will see some kind of completion that will be rewarding in relation to effort and energy that has priorly been invested. Some long time project is being concluded or is nearing conclusion.

We are talking about a peak experience moving you closer to becoming who and what you truly are. It is not the end of the road, but the end of a phase which foregoes the beginning of the next, at a higher level.

The World can also signify foreign contacts or interaction with different cultures that will bring something worthwhile that may even surpass your expectations.

If finances have been stagnant and nothing much happened at the beginning of the month, it could very well happen now. There can be a sudden acquiring of money although not saying how much and how.

When it comes to love the outlook is very bright – you can meet the one you have always been hoping to meet, but it does not mean that you necessarily meet someone completely new – if you already have a partner it could also be that you discover that you have what you dream of in the one you are already with. Traveling together can be very rewarding.

Strike and maintain a balance between the physical and the spiritual. You can get a glimpse of the deeper meaning to your existence and even attain a measure of cosmic consciousness and even if it lasts only a fragment of a moment it still has the potential to make a deep impact on your life.



The Five of Cups is related to disappointment, regret, loss and mourning, but it does not have to be as bad as it sounds. It showing up here is to say that it is time to pick up the pieces and move on, regardless of what has happened, there is a time for everything and in this matter that time is now.

It is likely that there has been something that has been hard to let go of, some emotionally painful experience and maybe you will have to make an effort to be done with it.

Sometimes we hold on way longer than necessary simply because we do not know how to let go and if that relates to you – ask for help if you need to. Anything from Grief Recovery or a simple affirmation that you put to use – do what you can so that you can finally be free.

43344373_sRelated to work there can be delays and setbacks. There can be a call for revision or rework and if you are feeling burnt out and lack enthusiasm, it could be that you are not at your right place – so start exploring other options and find something that is more in alignment with your heart and soul instead of just making a living, even if it’s “a killing”.

Related to love a relationship can be coming to an end, and if so you were probably not the right match for each other. Also, sometimes, people can disappear out of our lives only to come back at a later date, but so transformed that they appear as new.

Forgive yourself whatever mistakes you have made. Understand – and affirm – that you always are where you are supposed to be in any given moment, and that you do the best you can at each given point. Give yourself some credit and some love, and create space for yourself to grow.



One aspect of The Devil is to learn how to see beyond what appears to be going on at the surface level and to detach from being overly concerned with the material aspects of life. When he shows up it is to say that we to some extent and in some aspect are chained to and feel victimized by some situation or person and that the only way to break free is to change the way we perceive ourselves and the other.

There is a need to claim our own power and to understand that we are the sole creators of our fate, regardless of if we are aware of it or not, regardless of how the present circumstances came into being. We cannot change what has been, but what is and thus the future.

Maybe we are passive choosers and look at life as something happening to us rather than something that we direct. It is true that we cannot control everything but what we can control if we become aware is how we perceive – and “perception is everything”.

There can be a lot of fears going on and a focus on money – and thus a need to understand that money in itself is not the source of our abundance, but our creativity is. Money is simply energy and if it is scarce in our life, it is probably because we are not using our energy right.

For those following their inner voice and calling finances are seldom a problem. That might not mean that they have unlimited wealth manifesting, but always enough for what is needed and if not, it is usually because there is still some fear, worry, thought or idea in the mind somewhere that creates the lack and then that is the issue that needs to be addressed – to find it and replace it with something better.

Relationship wise The Devil relates to passion and sexual chemistry – but often not much more beyond that. You can feel attracted to someone more like a drug – with all the highs and lows in its trail – and there can be powerful projections and emotional power struggles involved.

If you are waiting for your partner to change you might want to reconsider – it is not likely that it will happen – the only one you have the power to change is your self and if it means leaving the situation – so be it.

All changes starts with and demands inner change. The one who is able to change oneself can change his or her entire life. Decide now to release and discard all thoughts, ideas and beliefs that hold you back and keep you chained to to people, places, things, situations and circumstances that do not belong to your soul and do not reflect the true you or is not in your best interest.

You might not be able to do away with or change everything in a heart beat, but maybe it could be an intention for the new year to get the process started? Especially as 2017 is a universal year 1 which means the beginning of a new cycle. Although your personal year could have another energy and be about something else, there is a sense of newness and start up for all of us with this year and hopes of better days to come.

Peace, blessings & divine love. 


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