January 22, 2017 – Be Present

There’s a lot going on, a lot to be done – and more is to come.

You are capable of a great deal and meant to be of use and a joy so there’s no room for procrastination or for running away from that which your creativity nudges you and your soul has assigned you to do.

At the same time, discernment is important and the ability to say no – to know what belongs to you and what doesn’t so that you do not carry someone able to stand on his or her own two feet or break your own back – which can happen when you take on that which is really not for you.

There are limits – but the point is that you are able to handle much more than you believe that you are, if it is the right kind of stuff: that which springs out of your own creativity and is a part of your soul’s plan.

You will be inspired, have ideas, dreams and visions that demands to be realized and manifested and you might wonder how you are going to manage to see all of it through without becoming overwhelmed.

The answer is to first make sure that what you want to do really is your soul’s desire and then to be present. To not think about what you are going to do later – in an hour, tomorrow or next week – but take it one thing at a time and to be fully present while you do.

That in itself can be challenging, but is really the only challenge – when you have access to your soul’s power and wisdom you can handle, juggle and solve practically anything that comes your way.

Welcome to affirm: I am one with my soul, I am here and now, I am relaxed and present!


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