January 8, 2017 – Be Your True Self

Sometimes we are raised and so disciplined to adapt to and please our environment that we don’t even know that we are faking it. We learn early on that we need to be and behave in certain ways in order to get what we need – love, attention, rewards – and then we just can’t stop.

No wonder we get restless, depressed or feel victimized by our lives and circumstances – when we have lost contact with nor can be our true authentic selves.

If you have lost the connection with, denied, dismissed or ignored your soul and no longer can hear her voice and her guidance it is high time for a change – to reconnect, recognize and allow your true nature to come forward and make itself known.

It might not be done over night, strong is the power of habit, but a symbolic act is also an act – and to set the intention and then start the process with a small gesture is a fantastic way to get going.

Ask your Higher Self for the awareness and strength to do what you should.

And affirm: I am my true self!


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