March 15, 2017 – be flexible yet firm

The Magnetic North is that exact place in the North Hemisphere where the Earth’s magnetic pull points straight downwards and just like its counterpart the Magnetic South in the South Hemisphere it’s not fixed but instead in constant motion.

The symbolic meaning of this is that we can be flexible and mobile without loosing our power or our “mission” – that which we are on the planet to do, our life’s meaning and substance.

The message is an encouragement to seek, find and hold on to your own truth without becoming rigid or in any other way loose the ability to change and be open to whatever happens.

When we are our true selves and stand in our own power we are irresistible magnets for everything that belong to us:

When life hands us less than we desire, when things and circumstances do not bring us neither joy nor satisfaction it is often a sign that we are not being our true selves – and the only thing that is really required at that point is that we stop our identification with and making ours that which is not.

When we let go of all ideas of who we are, all preconceived notions, learnt behaviors, thoughts and feelings and instead just are – allowing our souls blossom to without belittling or holding ourselves back – the rest follows, without much effort or complications.

That is not to say it’s easy or a quick fix but it’s far from impossible and you got to start somewhere.

Why not right now?

Have a wonderful week!


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