March 2017

Lady Casha’s Monthly Tarot answers the question what you need to know about the upcoming month. If you find your way here it applies to you, but remember that we are dealing with energies that can express themselves differently individually.



The beginning of the month could have a man present in your life, a dad or a father figure – someone who is stable, a good listener and can give you sound advice when you need it.

It could also be you who are being called to be there with an empathic ear for a friend or family member – in any case you will probably be involved in a situation where understanding and sensitivity are important.

When it comes to work and career this King points to the necessity of doing what you love doing, that which is close to your heart – in the long run nothing else will do. You must be emotionally and spiritually satisfied with your work in order to do a good job.

It’s a good time to start a new business or an enterprise and those already being their own boss can get to experience good times. Also those for which business has been slow lately – it’s about to pick up and will have a positive effect on finances – clients, customers, projects are coming in.

When it comes to love singles may meet someone and it could be in some kind of metaphysical setting or activity involving water – sailing, surfing, swimming.

Those already in a relationship will very well find it reaching new heights especially when it comes to how well you understand each other. There could be a renewal of vows.

Overall these days are about emotional openness, a sense of belonging and harmonious feelings.


This Knight is responsible, handy and oriented towards the outer affairs of life and during mid month there is the chance of reaping the rewards of work well done in the past and for steady positive progress.

Any one working for self can be getting a client, assignment or project that will bring success, good money and even some kind of recognition if all cards are played rightly.

It is also a good move to find and entertain projects that bring a steady income and attracts loyal customers.

There can be a windfall of some sorts, money can come in unexpectedly through a new client or customer or a project, through an investment priorly made or from selling a business or even through gambling or something of the like and not foreseen.

In the love department things are more about being loyal and dependable than great passion and sparks flying in all directions. There is probably some that would wish for their partner to be more romantic in the traditional sense, but it won’t happen and the options are to accept it – or to move on.


Towards the end of the month most of what’s going on should be working well and play out as wanted. Plans made up earlier could bear fruit or will in the near future and many will experience and sense a feeling of wholeness and meaning.


What is started here has the potential to work out well and reach far into the future.

When it comes to work it could mean a new opportunity for something that will match more or less exactly what is wished and hoped for. Those working for themselves or freelancing and for which business has been slow can expect better times. A positive attitude will help.

Those open to the opportunities that these days offer will see a positive effect financially. There will be means and resources for that which is needed.

When it comes to love things are look bright. Someone very special may show up – perhaps the very right person with whom it will click in all areas. Those already in a relationship will find the bond strengthen.

With the Star comes the quiet after the storm if it has been rough, the healing energy is strong and for those with their focus on spiritual pursuits the Star could bring a better connection with their Higher Mind and an expansion of consciousness – gifts that later can be shared and used to help others.


Throughout the entire month runs a streak of luck, contentment, satisfaction, well being and success – also on the material plane.

In regards to career and work a project that has been delayed can be finalized, perhaps not exactly as expected – there might be changed that needs to be made – but yet.

A chance meeting can bring unexpected good and someone might get a job offer without looking for it, just like that.

When it comes to finances there is an element of luck. Do buy a lottery ticket IF you feel that you should – listen to your intuition – obviously you should not gamble money you cannot afford to loose.

When it comes to love, sparks can be flying and there can be passion and a deepening of commitment for those already involved. For singles someone can show up that brings a lot of happiness and joy even if it’s not a soul mate in the strictest term – take it for what it is and enjoy.

Throughout the whole month, even if you have reason to celebrate and be happy, be moderate in everything you do and keep your inner balance and in all your dealings.

Have a wonderful March!


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