About Numerology

5169117_blogNumerology is the metaphysical science of numbers, the interpretation of their vibrational frequency and how that plays out in our lives.

The date of our birth and the names we are given reflect our unique personal vibrational and cyclical pattern and form a blueprint of our existence in this reality. By knowing and understanding our numbers we can more readily and easily become aware of and carry out our mission and purpose in this lifetime on Earth.

We are all here for a reason. By gaining insight into our numbers we can use them as an instruction manual to put our focus where it needs to be and so more efficiently get to and be where we are meant to be, at the right time. Finding our right place and right doing not only creates personal harmony and happiness, it also brings good to all since we all are energetically interconnected as being parts of a bigger whole.

A little bit of history
Numerology has been used and applied in many cultures, philosophies, wisdom teachings and religions of the world. First records known are from the Hindu culture, but it is also found in the Arabic system, the Kabbalah and the Christian Bible. The Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese and Phoenicians all used numbers as a way of analyzing and understanding themselves and cosmos.

Pythagoras, the man born around 590 B.C. on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea, is the one individual who is best known to have contributed to the deveoplment of the science of numbers. As his birth had been prophesied by the Oracle of Delphi he was put in a temple as a child, where he learned meditation among other things, and also developed a fascination for the stars.

When Pythagoras became an adult he established a school where he spent forty years of teaching. As what he taught was to a great extent considered secret knowledge no notes were taken and just about nothing was written down, and therefore most of his teachings on mathematics, musical harmony, geometry, astronomy, philosophy and esoteric wisdom was lost to the world when the school was burnt down and Pythagoras himself had to flee.

What is known is that one of the things he taught is that there is a mathematically precise relationship of numbers to experience – that the principles that govern the numbers were principles of reality. He claimed that nature geometrizes and that there is a Divine Law that can be calculated and figured out as much as and as accurately as can any statement in physics. One of his specific contributions to esoteric numerology is the understanding and use of the Divine Triangle which has later been taught by the numerologist Faith Javane as handed down to her by her teachers.

Lady Casha works mainly in the ancient numerological tradition of esoteric numerology which she has acquired on the one hand through self-studies by first and foremost the works by Faith Javane and also her sometimes co-writer Dusty Bunker, but also through many other excellent writers on the subject, mentioning no one and leaving no one out. Her individual and certified training is by a student of Dr Julia Seton Sears and her daughter Dr. Juno Jordan.

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