The Major Calculations

BuddhatransparentThere are five major calculations/personal numbers – sometimes also called core numbers – when you do a numerology reading:

Birth Force/Life Path/Life Lesson
The Birth Force, sometimes called the Life Path or Life Lesson, is calculated from the day, month and year of your birth.
The number reveals what you are here to learn and is also significant in the choice of your profession and career. It carries with it the innate and inborn powers and resources you come into this life with already at hand for you to draw upon when you meet the demands of your other numbers.

Path of Destiny/Expression
The Path of Destiny, sometimes called the Expression, is derived from your full name as given to you at birth. Each letter corresponds to a number, all of which then are added up.
The number reveals what you are here to become and to do, your life’s purpose and mission and your field of opportunity.

Soul Number/Heart’s Desire
To find your Soul Number, sometimes called the Heart’s Desire, you add together the value of all the vowels in your full name.
The number then reveals your most innate nature, the deepest urgings of your soul, what you already are and what makes you truly happy, what you yearn for and truly desire to be or do in this lifetime.

Outer Personality
Your Outer Personality is found by adding up all the consonants of your full name.
The number tells of the persona, the social self we present to the world around us. It is how others see and perceive us at first impression.

Maturity/Ultimate Reality
The Maturity number, sometimes called Ultimate Reality, is the sum of your Birth Force and your Destiny together.
The number comes into full effect from 54 years of age and on, but the entire life up to that point is a preparation and a training for expressing what this number entails, and knowing what the number is early on can be imperative for how you navigate your days and doings. It is where all of your challenges and efforts lead, it is the number that reveals what you are truly here on Earth to do, when all that you learnt, experienced and know can be put to use.

Along with these five major calculations there is also the day of birth which sometimes counts as one of the core numbers.

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