Numerology Sessions

4074947_blogA live session with Lady Casha is empowering and enlightening and can be life transforming if you take the information to heart, as she offers extensive and thorough in depth numerology readings.

She will give you a rich and detailed picture of your core numbers and character and a just as thorough understanding of the numbers for different time periods of your life, focusing mainly on the present and some years into the future.

The session are divided in two parts. In the first part Lady Casha begins by going through your Birthdate, Life Path, Destination, Heart’s Desire, Outer Personality and your Maturity number – the major calculations. From there she goes deeper and does a detailed analysis looking at your numbers from many different angles, such as the different planes of expressions, karmic numbers, etc. The second part consists of the different time periods of your life, the longer and shorter cycles.

A full reading roughly can take anything between one and two hours but sometimes even more depending on how you participate and on your numbers. The amount of information will last you a long time, being like a well that you can come back to, over and over again.

There is the option of just doing the character part and for those of you who have consulted with Lady Casha before, it is possible with a session looking at timing only. These options usually require less time but that, again, depends on your participation.

A recording of the session will sent to you afterwards, either on cd or as an mp3-file, free of charge.

There is also the option of ordering a recorded session without talking to Lady Casha in person. In that case, it will be sent to you either as a link or cd with regular mail and you can get back to Lady Casha by e-mail after you have listened to the recording if you have questions or if there’s anything you need to have clarified.

If you want to try Lady Casha out and get a feel for who she is and what she brings before you decide whether you want to go for a full reading or not, she offers mini-readings.

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