About Tarot

5169111_sThe tarot is a wonderful tool to get information and guidance from your soul.

Many times we are consumed with getting instant gratification, pleasing others or just looking good, forgetting about the deeper needs of our true self and soul.

A tarot reading with Lady Casha is an opportunity to go beyond the surface with all the ideas of what you should and ought to do or falsely believe that you want or need, and hopefully find your own inner voice, truth and guidance so that you can walk the path that truly belongs to you.

Every day we are faced with choices, big and small, and often we don’t know which way to go or to turn. Getting our Higher Mind’s and our soul’s input can make what potentially could have been a bumpy road a much smoother and even successful sailing, since our Higher Mind and our soul has the full picture of our lives and our best interest at heart.

The answers to your issues and questions are within you and what Lady Casha does is help you hear them and become aware of them so that you can move forward with greater confidence.