“That was a great investment I made when I ordered the full numerology! I am trying to see and understand myself in all ways to get all my pieces together – a kind of recovering. Now I will strive to lay a stable and secure foundation and develop my spirituality, so I will most definitely come back for more guidance from you again later. The 12 month prediction caught my interest. Thank you a great job, I do not belive I ran across you by chance.”

Jenny, assistant nurse and student to be

“This woman is incredibly spot on. She did a numerology for me last year and everything has unfolded exactly as predicted and I have had great use of how to approach work, relationships and love – everything. I can really recommend her, she’s worth every penny and some more – you get a tremendous lot of information from a super nice, humble and wise woman.”

Yvonne, nordic medicine woman

“I have done a numerology reading twice with 8-10 years in between. It gave me a lt both times, but espeially the second time when I was able to see how the numbers had played out in my life. Lady Casha is straight, distinct and professional in her delivery. Open and responsive and willing to explain until she is sure its understood. I have had both my astrology and numerology done and Ithink they complement each other and give a deeper understanding. I can heartily recommend a reading. It will be a great boost for your inner self.”

Åsa, Change Maker

8967703_s“Wow! Thank you for doing a very well executed job with the tarot reading. What a connection you have! It’s really spot in and very up to date when it comes to my own thoughts around my situation. I am in the middle of a great healing and a reprogramming of myself when it comes to old patterns and conditionings. You confirmed that I am on the right path, and at the same time that I have a lot of work yet to be done when it comes to how I use my thoughts. I now have renewed hope and additional tools to get it done.”

Anncarin, jack of all trades

“I called you last Fall regarding my living situation. You were so right. The farm is sold and I have moved to an apartment in a small village, to the same house where my hubby lived when we first met. A circle is closed and I have come home again.”


“Lady Casha’s reading of my numerology and the way she presented it made me feel safe to move on in my relationship. I had been living with a big fear of not being able to be a good mom and found many reasons not to stay with my partner. After the numerology session I found the courage to take a little step towards him. Today we are in an open, intimate and forever adventurous and challenging relationship… and we are expecting a baby. For me the numerology was about finding an explanation as to why I was acting in certain ways and about feeling a deep trust in life. I also found a supplementing name I feel adds to and balances my own. Thank you.”

Tanja, dancer

“Lady Casha is an exceptionally gifted reader. Her tarot reading for me was spot on and resonated on every level! She is accurate, professional, and tuned in. She provided me with the insight and guidance that I so desperately needed to hear in that moment. Her reading brought tears to my eyes because I knew in my heart it was the truth. She was able to relay information directly from my soul, to help me on my path forward. Lady Casha is very thorough and approaches her work with the utmost of integrity. I know when I come to her, I am reaching out to someone I can trust. Highly recommend!!”

Rachel, mom of two

“The general tarot reading was spot on in identifying what energies are surrounding me in the present and ways to deal with them in order to move along on my life journey. The reading is highly recommended. The mini numerology reading was very insightful into what energies govern my life path, what cycles I am in – I feel more clarity in knowing how to approach life situations and what areas need to be addressed and balanced. The knowledge received from the reading is a highly valuable tool and is worth every penny.”

Maya, yoga teacher

“Thank you for doing my numerology reading. I am absolutely delighted with the reading. It was the best and easiest one to understand that I have experienced. It gave me a sense of direction and it helped me in my own healing process. Thank you for your wonderful soul report!”

Mona Lind, artist

“Having a numerology session with Lady Casha was all the way through a positive and rewarding experience that both confirmed what I already knew and brought new insights about my purpose and my path. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to give themselves a boost of positive energy or is feeling lost and confused, and everything in between.”

Mats, medical student

“After Lady Casha did my numerology in 2009 my attention was drawn to silver smithing – something she had mentioned during our session. I had never thought about it before then and a year later I begun a one year basic training in silver smithing. Today I am a student at Konstfack – the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm and on that same path. During the session Casha confirmed talents and traits I had that made me feel calm and confident to go for something I would otherwise never have taken into consideration.”

Maria, Arts & Craft student

“I’ve recently had a mini numerology reading with Lady Casha and I must say it was quite interesting. I’ve had other readings before, but I can say that she brings a pristine quality and hearty depth as she works through the reading with you. Not only does she cover the basics (as others do), she also provides specific details surrounding my behaviors and how these numerical vibrations affect my day to day choices and experiences (good or bad). Also, I am glad that she provided the reading as an replay able audio file. Each time I’ve listened to it in review, I am appreciative of the penetration of her explanations and her willingness to provide multiple examples of what she sees in the numbers until the revelation is understood. If you want some clarity about who you are and how you walk through this lifetime, allow her to look at what your numbers reveal about you.”

Rose, writer/jounalist